Flea markets in Romanian are typically outdoor markets where vendors sell a variety of goods, including antiques, collectibles, and second-hand items. They are often a popular destination for people looking for unique or hard-to-find items at a lower price. Flea markets can be found in many different counties, and the specific products and items for sale can vary depending on the location.

This list of locations where flea markets, ‘talcioc’s or bazaars are found, with scraps, antiques, collections, art objects and what not, is organized by county and indicates the address where each flea market is held, as well as on which day(s) of week that flea market or fair takes place. This post is the english version of the List of antique fairs and flea markets in Romania (Lista târgurilor de antichități și vechituri din România)

Bucharest fairs
Flea market ‘Târg Valea Cascadelor’ | The intersection of Timișoara Boulevard with Valea Cascadelor Street | Thursday, Saturday, valley of the cascades schedule Sunday 06:00-13:00, entrance 2 RON

Filaret flea market | near Filaret Bus Station | Saturday, Sunday

Vitan Flea Market | Splaiul Unirii 450 within the Autovit fair, Bucharest 030139 | Saturday, Sunday 06:00-14:00

The flea market at the Carol park, organized weekly is generally dedicated to collectors

The traditional fair at the Romanian Peasant Museum

Autumn Retroparade held in the Parcul Copiilor park organized annually/occasionally

Cluj Napoca flea market
Market Oser Square | Bobâlna street, next to the Ecarisaj Center, in the Mărăsti neighborhood | Saturday 07:00-18:00 (summer) and 08:00-16:00 (winter)

Timișoara flea markets
Piața Flavia | Str. Lake, no. 15 | Saturday and Sunday 07:00-17:00

Mehala Market | Str. Alexandrescu Grigore, no. 91 | Saturday and Sunday 07:00-17:00

Fairs and flea markets in Iași
Flea Market Talcioc in Iași is located at the new bazaar where the hippodrome used to be (towards the timber and machinery fair) | Iasi – Hlincea road, Iasi | Sunday 06:00-14:00

Constanța Flea Markets
On the option towards Ovidiu, next to the fruit and vegetable market, in the yard of the market Car yard | Sunday 6:00-12:00 with free entry. street market In Ovidiu square, in the open air near the museum of national history and archeology Constanța | Saturday and Sunday 9:00-14:00 with free entry

The Brick flea market

Flea market The fair in MI Dobrogeanu street, Mangalia

Flea Market Craiova
Făcăi weekly Flea market | Monday 06:30-13:30.

River | Saturday and Sunday 06:3-13:00.

Brașov Flea Market
Flea market | Poienelor street, intersection with Carpatilor street | Saturday, Sunday 07:00-15:00

Talciocul Bartolomeu – Cristianului Road, Brasov

Flea Market Galati
Annual Antiques Flea market ‘Antique Fair’ Aleea Domnească (at P-uri)

Talcioc de vechituri Str. Mihai Petrini Galatzi/Belt Road | Saturday, Sunday 05:30–13:30

Galati Antiques flea market, Aleea Donnească

Flea Market Ploiesti
Str. Oborului, no. 2 | Saturday and Sunday 07:00-16:00

Oradea Flea Market
Piata Obor | Str. Traian Blajovici no. 24 | Saturday and Sunday 06:00-14:00

Olosig Lake Antiques Fair Vásár az Olaszi tónál occasionally organized by the NATURANTICA ASSOCIATION | Friday, Saturday and Sunday 07:00-18:00 | the participation fee for exhibitors is 240 lei (80 lei/day/seller for an 80 m 2 stand and includes parking and camping space)

Brăila Flea Market
Oborul Brăilei at Taica Lazăr Șos. Râmnicu Sărat Sunday
Antiquarians and Buchinists Fair on the royal Mihai Eminescu, organized annually in August by Florin Chirpac
The Flea Market in Soseaua Baldovinesti 20

Flea Market Arad
Flea market in Piata Obor | Padurii str., FN | Monday-Friday 05:00-17:00, Saturday 0600-1800, Sunday 06:00-15:00

Fair Pitesti Weekly flea market | Str. Târgului. At the exit from Pitesti towards Bradu commune | Sunday 06:00 12:00

Fair Obor Flea Market | Calea Şurii Mari, no. 16 | Tuesday and Friday 07:00-15:00, Sunday 05:00-13:00

Bacău Flea Market
Weekly Airport from Calea Bacăului no. 14

Fair of antiques and old objects in the Cathedral Park organized occasionally on Sundays
Old Letea Car

Flea Market Răcăciuni weekly fair

Flea Market Corvinilor – The fair has been held annually for 500 years and is organized in Lugaşu de Jos commune,

Târgu Mureș
Ócska Piac | Str. Island, no. 25 | Sunday 06:00-16:00

The Flea Market from Călăraşilor str., no. 107

The flea market in Târglui street, Mediaș, Thursday from 7:00 a.m.

Baia Mare
Car Fair and antiques flea market | the exit from Baia Mare towards Satu Nou de Jos on the left.
Flea market | behind the food market in a parking lot, str. University | Sunday 06:00-13:00.

Antiques flea market and old objects fair in Uvertura Mall or Carrefour occasionally organized on Sundays

Targ Satu Mare
The flea market in Str. Lâcrimioarei No. 1 | Str. Gheorghe Barițiu Wednesday – Sunday 06:00-16:00 |
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday 07:00 – 17:00

Râmnicu Vâlcea
Fair Goranu Flea Market from Str. Goranu Nr. 36, Tuesday, Friday, Sunday 07–14
Piata de la Pod | Goranu commune. At the exit from Valcea towards Pitesti. Under the bridge over Olt | Tuesday, Friday and Sunday 07:00-15:00

Drobeta-Turnu Severin
Veterani flea market in Veterani Street | Saturday, Sunday 06–14

Flea Market Suceava
Art and Antiques flea market organized in the middle of each month, at Shopping City Suceava

Flea Market Târgu Jiu
Fair / Flea Market at Târgu Jiu Autocet, the new Car Fair

Flea Market Târgoviște
Piața Bărătiei, Calea Domnească 170 daily schedule 8-17

Flea Market Focșani
, Piața Obor Focșani, Strada Oborul de Vite, occasionally on Sundays

Flea Market Bistrița
The flea market in Bistrița (North Independence area), Sălciilor Alley, daily 8am-6pm

Flea Market Reșița
Ocico market scrap yard in Gugu Avenue Saturday, Sunday 07:00–14:00

Alba Iulia
Talciocul Alba Iulia flea market in Strada Gheorghe Şincai
Girls’ Fair on Mount Găina

Flea Market Deva
Bejan’s „antique” market open only on Sundays 07:00-14:00. The access of junk dealers can be done starting at 05:30.
The car fair from Balata | 10 km from Deva | Open Sunday 06:00-13:00

Caransebeș Flea Market
Market The market in Piața Gugulanilor, Caraş-Severin
The small market in Oravița

Hunedoara Flea Market
Eurovenus Fair Car Fair and Bazaar in Hunedoara Industrial Park Saturday 07:00 – 13:00

Buzău Flea Market
Fair Drăgaica Car and Scrap Fair | Piata Drăgaica | Google maps – 45.138117, 26.813807 | Sunday 05:00-15:00

Giurgiu Flea Market
Steaua Dunării Flea Market | Str. Chauncey Hardy- landmark Hotel Steaua Dunarii | Sunday 07:00-12:00
The weekly market in Bolintin-Vale

Câmpulung Flea Market
Flea Market Lerești Fair, Argeș

Curtea de Argeș Flea Market
flea market on Wednesdays and Thursdays on the way out of town

Miercurea Ciuc Fair
Flea market on Strada Harghita no 88 opposite the Beer Factory | Saturday 06:00 – 13:00

Târg Neamț Fairs
The Bazaar in Strada Muncii 6, Piatra Neamț, at the entrance to the Bazaar near the entrance to the wholesale market at the end of the street, opens daily at 8:00 a.m.

The Bazaar of the Roman Municipality in Strada Renașterii 55

The Fechetău Fair / flea market has a tradition of several centuries and is organized annually in October on the banks of the Crişului Repede, in the town of Negreni. The village is located on the European road E60, 10 km from Piatra Craiului, towards Cluj

Flea Market Petroșani
Lunca str., on the stadium | Sunday morning

Flea Market Lugoj
Scrap market, Ocico from Strada Islazul Mic 55, Lugoj 305500

Flea Market Sălaj
La Brocantă – The weekly flea market in Hereclean

Flea Market Teleorman
Alexandria Bazaar on 57 Gărăi (Colfescu) Street

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